The Need

Asset owners, fiduciaries and financial institutions need investment vehicles meeting specific risk and return profiles. They also demand investments meeting their criteria that are creating systemic change for a better world.

Our Solution

We meet this need by architecting novel financial intermediation strategies to create whole systems solutions. We apply eco-systemic biomimicry to develop new funding models which meet the needs of the investor and set living economy projects up for success and scale.

Areas of Focus

Specifically, we create financial tools to increase the flow of funds to: Renewable energy, Sustainable food, Regenerative infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, and Underserved populations
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Our Team

Greg Wendt, CFP, Co-Founder, is Senior Wealth Advisor and the west coast office lead for Stakeholders Capital. He is co-chair of the Capital Action Team for the California Economic Summit, where he lead development of the California Capital Access Collaborative - a statewide framework for advancing impact investing and triple bottom line economic development throughout the state. A Certified Financial Planner, Greg built his expertise in major Wall Street firms Smith Barney, UBS, Prudential Securities and EP Wealth Advisors, and has been a thought leader in sustainable and responsible investing and green business for over 20 years.

Cynthia Jaggi, M.Sc., Co-Founder, is the Founder of GatherWell, the Think + Do Tank for Practical Idealists. She was formerly a Partner at the Management Consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics where she advised Executives on fact-based decision making. Clients included Fortune 500 companies primarily in the financial services, technology and automotive sectors. She also co-founded the Social Sector practice and expanded the reach of leading social innovation members of the New Profit portfolio.

Jaime Guzmán-Fournier, MBA, brings close to 20 years of private equity and banking experience in the private, public, and international development (NGO) sectors. He is currently Managing Partner of RockCoast Capital, LLC and President & CEO of JGF Financial, Inc. The firms make direct company and fund private equity (PE) investments within the small and lower-middle markets, as well as provide domestic and international advisory services to PE investors and banks. His work has included engagements with the two largest development banks for Latin America: Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and a U.S.-based Latino family investor. Earlier, Jaime was a Managing Director at StepStone Group, a private equity fund investor and advisor located in San Diego. Before StepStone, Jaime was the Head of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Office of Investment and Innovation, known for its flagship Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program. While at the SBA, he oversaw US$20 billion of committed capital in over 350 venture capital and mezzanine funds, managed 75 employees, and was the Chair of the SBIC Program Investment Committee. Jaime holds degrees from the U. of Michigan (BA), Johns Hopkins SAIS (MA), and Wharton (MBA).

Gail Work, MSOD, is Founder and CEO of One Earth Ventures working with technologies that offer solutions to carbon and climate change. She has a 20 year background of success in strategic business development, sales and marketing, starting and growing businesses and consulting to organizations on leadership development, strategy, innovation and change management. Gail has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and with all stages of business: start-ups, financial, organizational and political. As a catalyst for interdisciplinary innovation she facilitates creative synthesis of social and cultural intelligence with adaptive and unique approaches to facilitate new thinking and business models. Gail holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and an undergraduate BS in Conservation of Natural Resources from UC-Berkeley. She is a strategic, whole systems thinker who brings devotion and integrity to her work and strives to find match-making and partnership opportunities for clients to achieve win/win opportunities.

Robin Shank, MBA, is an Operations professional with more than twenty years of experience in operations, re-engineering, quality and project implementation. Experienced in Coaching and Consulting for Sustainability, Energy Management and Behavior Change she is on the Board of Net Impact Los Angeles and the leadership team of Slow Money SoCal.

Mary Abad, MBA, has over 12 years of experience in banking and direct investments for leading global banks and multilaterals in the areas of small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) lending, infrastructure, energy, and private equity. She was an Investment Officer for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), where she led private sector investments totaling $400 million and provided post-funding support to over $1 billion in investments. Specifically, Mary developed finance programs with local banks across Asia to help increase their lending to SMEs. Mary also expanded ADB's award-winning Trade Finance Program in 8 countries, managing a portfolio of $700 million in credit lines to more than 30 banks that generated $2bn in global trade annually, much of it supporting exports from SMEs. Mary also helped establish the first infrastructure private equity fund for the Philippines. Most recently, she led the credit analysis and execution of leveraged finance investments in middle-market, private equity M&A transactions as part of GE Capital's sponsor team in franchise finance. Earlier in her career, Mary worked for Citigroup in corporate and investment banking and served as a microfinance Peace Corps Volunteer in South America. Mary is based in San Diego and is a graduate of Stanford (BA, Economics), Columbia (MBA) and Johns Hopkins SAIS (MA, International Relations, Financial Sector Development specialty).

Krista Sloniowski, MPL, is an expert in the fields of urban planning, watershed planning, aquatic ecology and local economic development. She has worked as a study manager at the US Army Corps, and since 2007 has run her own consulting business in Los Angeles named Connective Issue. In this role she has focused on developing ways to connect natural resource management with local land use and economic development for mutual benefit.
Krista has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies from Hampshire College. She also has a Masters in Urban Planning from the USC Price School where she is currently an Adjunct Faculty teaching the Smart Growth class and the Sustainable Land Use Studio.

Affiliates include a range of experts working to increase the flow of capital to good across business, non-profit and government sectors.



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